Welcome to "It's My Story"

"It's My Story" is designed to enable elementary school age children to produce polished stories in which they are the central characters. The story lines are developed, but essential names and important details are left out. Children personalize and complete each story by typing names and choosing many of the details from drop down menus. The plots, text quality, and choices are carefully controlled. This ensures that what the child produces will be age appropriate, readable, sharable, and in standard English.

The primary goal of "It's My Story" is to promote reading. People are naturally drawn to reading material that is directly related to them. In this program, children are motivated to read and consider multiple choices before selecting their input. Quickly, however, children produce stories that they read on the monitor and can change if desired. Once printed, each story invites being read multiple times.

Reading and writing are opposite sides of the same coin, greatly affecting each other. Indirectly, "It's My Story" promotes writing. The stories are pre-designed and not original to the user. However, as children enjoy themselves in print, they will be motivated to write about themselves on their own. The sense of ownership the program encourages will carry over into authentic authorship at other times.

Features in "It's My Story" also develop basic computer skills. The child must use skills to operate this program that have universal application in many other programs.

Jim and Kay Wittes are the authors of "It's My Story". This labor-of-love project has evolved over time and has undergone many changes. As technology has developed and become commonplace, so have the possibilities for a program like this. We invite you to explore ~www.itsmystory.net~ and try it out with your students, children, or grandchildren.