Just Two

For this story, you may have to pretend a little. You will live with one parent and one dog. Another relative lives nearby. Also, you are about ten years old.
Have fun.
My first name is
and my last name is .
I am a with eyes.

My best pal's first name is .

Another friend's first name is .

My dog is a and named.
My dog is and has fur.

I live with my . Sometimes I say .
At home, sometimes I am called .

My lives near us.

A tired parent might have .

If I were mad about something, I might .

A good game for two is .

Something to take to the beach is .

Something I wouldn't want to miss is .


Now you need to make some food choices.

Pick a kind of sandwich.

Pick a kind of fruit.

Pick a kind of cookie.

Pick a favorite take-out meal.